Colorado Hikers Guide

If you love hiking and visiting new places you’ll love what’s inside this guide to hiking in Colorado. This site is your resource for finding the perfect hiking trail to explore in this part of the Rocky Mountains from a locals perspective.

Along with hiking trails for all skill levels, I have included info on some of my favorite mountain towns like Durango, Silverton, Ouray and more.

Each town has it’s own distinct character and charm along with some interesting history and plenty of things to see and do as you will see on each of the mountain town pages.

You will find some tips on good restaurants, lodging and even pet friendly hotels in these quaint, uniquely Colorado towns.

Hiking trails here  can vary widely from fairly easy family hikes to more extreme adventures on one of Colorado’s many fourteeners (peaks that are above 14,000 feet in elevation). Know your abilities and choose your hikes accordingly.

Weather in these mountains can change from bright and sunny warm summer days to freezing cold rain and or snow especially in the afternoons. Having the right gear and wearing the right clothing is going to determine if you have a fabulous time or not.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on packs and other gear you need while pursuing your adventure to help you choose the best hiking gear for you. From the top backpacks, to hiking apparel, books, maps and more, you’ll find what you need.

So, whether or not you’re a newbie or a seasoned mountaineer, you’re bound to find some useful information within these pages.

So, dig in and take a look at some of the hikes, tips, gear reviews and mountain towns that will knock your socks off.

Colorado Hiking

Find hiking trails in Colorado based on your skill level and area you will be visiting. Rating hikes can be very difficult because of how each of us perceive what is and isn’t difficult. I tried to be fairly conservative on these rankings so that hikers will get the most enjoyment out of their hiking adventure. Go here to discover some great hikes in Southwest Colorado.
Colorado Mountain Towns

There are many small, quaint mountain towns in Colorado that offer a Ouray, Coloradoone of a kind experience in their own special way. Some are the perfect alpine village that you’ve seen in movies, others are rustic, out of the way towns that surprise you with their historical past and still others are the epitome of a ski town. There are restaurant and lodging recommendations and hikes that are nearby so start dreaming about your next Colorado vacation.
Hiking Backpack And Gear Reviews

Are you in the mood for a new backpack? Not sure what pack would suit you best? Read up on some of the best in the business. Backpacks from Arcteryx, Gregory and Osprey to name a few are reviewed within these pages. It takes some research and knowledge to buy this most important piece of outdoor gear. It’s an investment in your comfort and enjoyment along the trail or around the world.

Maybe you only need a small daypack for the kind of hiking you do or perhaps a load hauler that will take you along the PCT or the AT. If you are a day hiker, wilderness backpacker or something in between choosing the right pack is an essential piece of your outdoor tool kit.

If this is your first time buying a backpack, might I recommend getting the Backpack Buyers Guide where you can learn a few of the basics about purchasing a pack to get you started on the right foot. For those of you that are seasoned hikers and know pretty much what you need in terms of size and capacity take a look at some of the comparison charts within Colorado Hikers Guide.