Hiking in the Woods: Firsthand Guide

Did you know that there are no special skills needed to hike a forest? As long as you are physically fit, you are good to go into the woods to discover the wild wonders. This guide offers some invaluable tips for hiking in the forest.

Know Your Map

Having a hiking destination in mind and the best trails adds fun to your adventure. Knowing that a scenic waterfall and mountain view awaits is a big motivation. But do not over-depend on your smartphone because many forests do not have internet connectivity. Get a paper map and learn how to use it. Your guide should give you a printable topo map. You enjoy it more when you know your location and where you are headed.

Check With Doctor First

Is it your first time hiking? Even though hiking is good for the brain, you cannot subject your heart to a rugged environment if you have coronary heart disease. Talk to a health practitioner to determine if you are fit for the activity.

The Gear Matters

A basic hike doesn’t require expensive clothing or specialized gear. On sunny days, carry sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV. Buy one with an SFP rating of at least 15. Apply it every hour you are hiking under the sun. Increase the frequency if you must swim. Your eyes too need protection whether it is sunny or cloudy. Carry sunglasses every time you hit the outdoors. Check if the lenses have UVA/UVB protection. A good pair of hiking boots is fundamental. Get boots with ample ankle support when walking on rough terrain and rocks. It is important to have a lighter feel. Comfortable pants and tops make the experience more bearable. After all, these clothes are meant for pastime. Buy clothes you can afford from reputable stores.

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