Top Five Hiking Tips in the Covid Era

The corona pandemic period has limited human contact, and most people have been forced to forego some of the activities that they used to enjoy before. The pandemic came with the banning of social gatherings and the closure of parks and hiking trails. Although some cities have reopened parks and hiking trails, but this comes with some strict guidelines since we still have a pandemic on our hands. Here are some tips to help you hike safely.

Social Distancing and the Hike

Social distancing remains crucial even during hikes. For this to be achieved, hikers can slow down to avoid being too close to other hikers. Hikers passing each other while going in different directions should also maintain a considerable distance between each other. Hikers also need to follow park recommendations on controlling the traffic of people.

Hand Washing and Sanitizer Use

Hikers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently at every chance they get. They are also advised to carry bottles of sanitizer and avoid touching surfaces, like rock features, since the virus can be spread through droplets on surfaces.

The Question of Masks

Masks are an essential part of protecting oneself from the corona virus since it is transmitted via droplets. Although masks can be uncomfortable, hikers are encouraged to wear masks as they hike. The masks protect both the hiker as well as other hikers from getting the virus, especially if hikers are near others. If breathing under the mask becomes difficult, hikers can pace themselves and even stop so that they do not strain a lot.

Avoid Popular Trails

If you want to select a hiking trail, then it might be best to choose a less popular one. Maintaining six feet of physical distance is challenging in popular routes. This might be the best time to seek out hiking trails that are less frequented and have enough space to accommodate many people. Also, remember to assess the route for signs of many visitors, like the number of parked cars.

Hike Close to Home

During this period, it is best to hike close to your home since medical resources and personnel are strained. This is to enable you to get help in time in case you need medical assistance.


The corona virus should not stop you from enjoying a hike but remember to follow all the guidelines stipulated above to keep yourself and others safe.

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