Ultimate Hiking Trips

As a person gets more used to hiking, they start to put higher demands on this activity. They want more challenges and more adventures. This will lead them to what they consider to be the ultimate hiking trip.


What can add to the ultimate hiking adventure, is choosing different places to hike, which means doing some intense research as to what the world has to offer. There are so many different hiking destinations that a hiker never has to worry about finding a new place to hike that is going to offer new challenges.

High Desert Argentina and Chile

The challenges which are presented here for hikers go beyond the day trip. One of the choices is the nine-day hiking route. This spans from San Pedro de Atacama all the way to Salta. The hiking environment is most enjoyable. Hikers get to enjoy the different flora that can be seen along the way. Another experience is the changes in the weather that takes place throughout the hike.

Eastern Europe

There are some ultimate hiking experiences to be enjoyed across Eastern Europe. A destination which is becoming recognized for some great hiking is Dinaric Alps. Those who want to hike this area can take on a ten-day trek.

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