Challenging Hiking Destinations

For those who are really enthusiastic about hiking, they want to be able to find new destinations. In addition to this, they want to see destinations which are considered to be the most challenging for the seasoned hiker. There are no disappointments as there are plenty to choose from.

Mount Rainier, Washington

This is an excellent destination for the seasoned hiker, particularly if they choose the Skyline/Muir Snowfield Trail. This is a 9-mile hike which has everything that winter has to offer. The start of the trail is the easy part. There is a vertical ascent that is challenging but certainly achievable for the seasoned hiker. The biggest challenge may come from the weather conditions that can change at any time.

Ruckel Ridge Loop, Oregon

Oregon is known as a destination which offers several different challenges for hikers. The Ruckel Ridge Loop is a favorite of many as a 9.6-mile hike. This trail includes a gorge as part of the challenge. For those who find that an intense workout offers the best challenge, then they will be most pleased with this destination. The ascent is a challenge, but so is the walk down.

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