Winter Hiking Destinations

One of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of hiking is that it is not an activity which has to be reserved just for the warm months. Many hikers look forward to the winter so they can enjoy some great hiking experiences. In addition to this, there are plenty of great locations where this type of seasonal hiking can be enjoyed.


Mount Hood in Oregon is a wonderful destination for winter hiking. One of the advantages of hiking in this area during this season is the view which is provided during the winter months which is totally different from that which is available during the summer.


Those who live in Washington, who are going to pay a visit as a hiker, will want to focus on the Methow Valley. For those individuals who are seeking an overnight winter hiking experience, this is a great location to choose. In the lower terrain there is good snow coverage and for those who like to break the trails, then here is an opportunity to do so. For those who want trails that are well groomed, then hiking on the eastern side of the Cascades should be the choice. This is such a popular location for winter hiking, that accommodation is easy to find, and several shelters allow for easy trail access and can bunk up to eight to 10 people.


Utah, particularly the Zion National Park, offers plenty of great winter hiking opportunities. What makes hiking unique here in the winter, is that for those who want to avoid snow, they can hike along frosted terrain. Some of the trails here are best suited for winter only, as they are too hot to track in the summer. An example of this is the Watchman.

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