Tips for Easy Walks and Hikes

Anyone who is going to become involved in hiking needs to start slowly. This is not the type of event where a novice decides to go on one of the more challenging hiking adventures as their first experience. For many, the best way to ease into it is, to begin with, some easy walk hiking. For those who are not considered physically fit, this is the best option.

The Basics of Hiking

Before attempting any type of hiking, it is essential to start by learning the basics, so one becomes familiar with this type of adventure.

Slow Walk Hiking

This type of hiking simply means seeking out trails where slow walking can be performed. It doesn’t mean that the hiker cannot face some challenges that come with hiking. For example, one of the standard hiking challenges is the slopes. One of the questions new hikers face with this challenge is, should they trek up the hills at a slow pace or should it be a brisk walk?

The answer is going to be based on a few factors, such as:

  • The physical fitness of the hiker. If a hiker is just beginning to condition themselves, then they may want to tackle the slopes at a slow walk. A brisk walk on flat ground can be strenuous and much more so when dealing with a slope.
  • The proper gear. Another critical factor is whether the hiker has the appropriate equipment, which includes the proper attire. The hiker has to be sure they have the appropriate footwear for tackling the slopes. If they don’t, then a slow walk may be a better choice.
  • Personal preference. Finally, it will come down to what the hiker wants. If they feel up for brisk walking the slopes, then they can begin this way, then reduce it to a slower walk when they tire.

The most important thing to remember with any type of hiking is the safety factors, along with the stamina of the individual. Starting with enjoying hiking by slow walking at first is a wise decision and can even be viewed as a warm-up for a more brisk adventure.

There are plenty of hiking trails which are perfect for slow walking hiking. Once these have been mastered, then the new hiker can move onto the next level.

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